A large majority of Argentina want Lionel Messi to be their next president 😯

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A recent survey has revealed that a large majority of Argentine citizens would vote for Lionel Messi if he ever ran for president.

It is an understatement to say that Messi is beloved in his home country, Argentina. The PSG star secured his godly status when he led his national team to World Cup glory, securing their third-ever tournament win.

Despite being arguably the greatest to ever do it, there were some who questioned the maestro’s failure to perform for his country. A lot of people held Diego Maradona on a higher pedestal because of the fact that he was able to bring the World Cup back to Argentina.

But after finally accomplishing this lifetime goal, Messi has secured the love of his people.

So much so that they want him to run for president.

In a recent survey from Giacobbe & Asociados, 43.7% said that they would vote yes, 37.8% answered no, and 17.5% said they would consider it.

Another poll placed Messi against the other presidential candidates, he easily won with a 36.7% vote.

If he is half as good at running the country as he is at kicking a football, he would make for some president.

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