WATCH: Everyone Seemed To Miss ‘Good Guy’ Sadio Mane Tripping Mina Off The Ball

A Merseyside derby completely filled with controversy as usual, an early goal from Mane, a potential red card for Pickford, disallowed goal, an actual red card and lots of dirty challenges, it had it all today. There are two off the ball challenges that don’t seem to be talked about though, Mane tripping Mina off the ball and Robertson’s kick out at Allan in midfield.

VAR seemed to let everyone down today as Pickford stayed on the pitch for the full 90, Mane and Robertson weren’t penalised and the farcical offside ruling for Henderson’s winner.

What do you make of all these decisions and today’s game?

Mane’s trip on Mina:

Robertson’s kick on Allan:

Should they be punished after the game? Will Pickford be punished for his reckless challenge on VVD?