Ronaldo has finally revealed the reason behind his shite haircut at World Cup 2002

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Brazilian football legend Ronaldo has finally revealed why he had such a shite haircut during the World Cup in Japan and South Korea in 2002.

The former Real Madrid striker scored eight goals, including two in the final against Germany, as Brazil marched on to win their fifth World Cup.

Four years earlier at World Cup ’98 in France, Ronaldo was the centre of attention for a different reason as he was left out of the Brazil starting line-up due to injury before being reinstated.

Due to all the unwanted attention he received in France the then Inter Milan striker decided to deflect attention from talk of his fitness and claims his iconic hairstyle at World Cup 2002 was that distraction.

‘I had an injury in my leg and everybody was talking about that,’ Ronaldo said.

‘I decided to cut my hair and leave the small thing there.

‘I come to training and everybody saw me with bad hair.

‘Everybody was talking about the hair and forgot about the injury. I could stay more calm and relaxed and focused on my training.

‘I’m not proud about the hair itself because it was pretty strange. But it was a good way to change the subject.’