Olympique Marseille Mercilessly Troll PSG About The Ridiculous Cavani/Neymar Situation

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Olympique Marseille have trolled their fellow Lique 1 rivals PSG with an absolutely brilliant tweet in the wake of the Cavani/Neymar feud.

Reports claim Neymar and Cavani had to be held apart after last weeks win over Lyon in which the Brazilian attempted to stop Cavani from taking set-pieces.

The feud seems to be escalating day by day with some reports even suggesting that Neymar has told the PSG directors that he wants them to offload Cavani as soon as possible.

Well, Olympique Marseille have had their say on the matter with a brilliant tweet they posted, completely taking the piss out of the ongoing situation in Paris.

The clubs official Twitter account posted a picture with the following caption;

Clash at OM… ? – “You take the penalty” – “No, you take it!” – “No, you!” – “No… you take it!”

The French giants did response to the tweet but their comeback was as weak as Jeremy Stevens reaction to Conor McGregor’s “Who the fuck is that guy?” taunt which took the American 359 days to respond to.