Jeremy Stephens Has Finally Made His Comeback To Conor McGregor’s “Who Da Fook Is Dat Guy?” Comment…1 Year Later

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Jeremy Stephens has finally made his comeback to Conor McGregor’s famous comment about him, 1 year later.

The UFC fighter became the centre of one of McGregor’s most popular comments when the Irish man humiliated the American at the UFC 205 press conference.

Stephens tried to speak over McGregor and was quickly put in his place when the Irishman responded by simply saying ‘Who the fuck is that guy?” a comment which was met with rapturous laughter and going viral instantly.

Well, the 31 year old has finally had his say, only thing is it’s been 359 days since McGregor burned him.

Stephens posted a picture of himself with McGregor’s mother with the caption #YourMomKnowsWhoDaFook.

What a shit man.