Diego Forlan & Dani Alves Engage In Heated War Of Words Following Cavani/Neymar Incident

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Former Manchester United striker Diego Forlan and PSG defender Dani Alves have begun a war of words following the infamous bust-up between Neymar Jr. and Edinson Cavani.

Reports claim Neymar and Cavani had to be held apart after last weeks win over Lyon in which the Brazilian attempted to stop Cavani from taking set-pieces.

The feud seems to be escalating day by day with some reports even suggesting that Neymar has told the PSG directors that he wants them to offload Cavani as soon as possible.

The latest person to get caught up in the drama is former Uruguayan captain Diego Forlan who has leapt to the defence of fellow countryman Cavani.

The 38 year old slammed Neymar for his behaviour and also had a go at Dani Alves, who played a part in stealing the ball away from Cavani.

Forlan said;

“He (Cavani) knows how to handle himself and knows how to talk in a situation like this.

“Outside he does not have to be friends with anybody, but then inside the field they are a team and they have to get along.

“I get angry if I put myself in the place of Cavani, because Alves, at the moment (Cavani) wants to kick the penalty, was concerned to get the ball (for Neymar), as if they were little boys.

He doesn’t give the ball to Cavani, but gives it to Neymar as if he were his b*tch”

Alves has since responded to Forlan’s comments, claiming he did nothing to interfere between Cavani and Neymar.

Alves said;

“I don’t know what game you saw but for your information I didn’t not take it from anyone, in reality I was removed!

“And also for your information, I did the last PSG goal so close the matter and stop making controversy with my name.”