🤬 Ebanie Bridges SLAMS Northerners, she’s not held back

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Ebanie Bridges took aim at Northerners on social media today.

The Aussie boxer had been based in Essex but has now moved to Yorkshire and shared on Twitter exactly what has upset her.

She Tweeted:

‘A big difference between the north & Essex that I’ve noticed is y’all northerners are c*nts on the road & have no etiquette 😂😂 I swear drivers in Essex are so sweet & chilled & I never experienced road rage… it’s like people up here are angry f*ckers on the road…. CHILL.. I still love you but please relax on the road 😂😂.’

She then backtracked a bit to not upset her Northern fans saying,

‘Northerners are nicer and friendlier 💯💯💯 except for when it comes to the road! I swear haha 🥺’

The Blonde bomber mixes boxing with OnlyFans and also is a big fan of Leeds United.

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