🚨Without doubt the worst football take ever in the history of the sport ..

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The Copa American kicked off last night and Argentina got off to a flyer with a two nil win against Canada at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. After the match American TV did not disappoint with one of the worst statements ever ..

Take a look below with some of the best comments underneath ..

Damn this bangged, I could make a living on stupid americans opinions

They must get like $500 every time they mention Pulisic. Embarrassing at this point
Pulisic doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Jude. Embarrassed of my country
Oh I don’t think it’s that bad. What she said was all 100% right except the Pulisic bit (which is admittedly insane in isolation) but she’s on US tv so kinda has to plug her own guy’s claims.
I think I heard a pulisic and messi comp. I listened 15 more times and it’s still there.
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