🚨Wales BAN Netflix camera’s due to chaotic contract talks 📽️

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According to reports, the Netflix cameras have been banned from ‘team functions’ as crisis talks with the Welsh Rugby Union continue.

Netflix is currently filming a ‘Six Nations’ docu-series with all the teams currently participating in this year’s championship.

They’ve been granted behind-the-scenes access to document the season but Alun Wyn Jones kicked the film crew from their most recent press conference.

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According to Sportsmail, the crew has been banned from every team function until the contractual situation is resolved.

The team is currently in a crisis with many players who are out of contract not being offered a renewal due to the uncertain squad budgets.

During the press conference, Jones admitted that a player strike is possible.

‘I suppose it is. It’s hard to deny, but it’s the very last option. There are people who are really impassioned.’ he said.

‘Ultimately, if you treat people badly for long enough, you get to where we find ourselves. Again, we realise what we do and how fortunate we are to do it, but if this was any other line of work or any other industry for this period of time with this amount of uncertainty, you’d get the same reaction.’

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