🚨Una Healy finally breaks silence on ‘throuple’ relationship with David Haye

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Una Healy has finally broken her silence on her throuple relationship with David Haye and his girlfriend after months of speculation.

The Irish singer was rumoured to be involved with the former heavyweight champion and his girlfriend, Sian Rose, after a picture of the ‘throuple’ together was posted online.

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Haye then all but confirmed the rumours with an Instagram post on valentines day with the caption reading, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the beautiful Queens in my life, making my world a better place to live in!”


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The Tipperary woman then posted her own tribute to the Hayemaker openly acknowledging the relationship for the first time.


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  1. I think her husband should take the children off her it’s terrible she should be not be allowed on TV as she is not a good role person

      1. Nobody is hurting anyone. Too much judgement in this world. At the end of day Nobody can afford to talk about how people live. Life too short. Live and let live .you will be a happier person .who is anyone to talk about how she is as a mother or how to live.

      1. Yes it’s her own business so why has she gone public, very bad taste and bad role model for her ‘fans’…..

  2. What else would a desperate single mother be doing?
    Not looking after her kids that’s for sure. She still not over ben foden God love her but this is gonna hurt a lot more. God love her…

  3. Enough with negative hate comments
    She is entitled to love whom ever she pleases,and anyone with love in their life can see that,regardless of age or creed .
    Enjoy your love you guys.
    Love in the world is not the problem ,it’s the hate

  4. Wasn’t the reason herself and hubby broke up,because he was unfaithful,so she joined a little Harem,don’t get it at all, there’s more hurt surely on the way.I hope she finds her happy ever after.

    1. Now you said it Deirdre, couldn’t agree with you more. I still think she’s attention seeking and very publicity hungry. She seems to need media validation. If she’s happy let her go for it but I think this kind of relationship raises a lot of issues ….

      1. Shocked at Úna Healy if this is true! All those who think this is of no consequence should think of her family, especially her very young children. I hope she has a higher regard for herself than this.

  5. What has the world become. With people who know well how much they influence the younger generation to have this become normalised is a sad time for humanity and the continuation of our species.

  6. Yeah I agree with Geraldine, only one person coming out on top here is David Hayes, won’t be long till he moves into two more easy people

  7. There is no problem with her relationship, the problem is the people who hold an old idealistic view on the world. This is acceptable in today’s society. As for her children, at least they are seeing their mother happy in a relationship despite how the world criticised her, that is a good role model. She is showing her children that it’s okay to be different and to be proud of being different.

    1. Listen to yourself Andrew.. yes we all encourage our kids to do whatever makes them happy but seriously parading around with her 2 lovers/friends is not a good example for her beautiful children: also where are the kids whilst she off holidays all the time

  8. So much criticism for our Una, leave her alone.
    She was in a “normal” relationship which has hurt her.
    It’s not a bad thing, who says that she has to live in a conventional relationship? They aren’t everything, obviously.
    It doesn’t always work out. Now she’s having a bit of fun if anything.
    And her kids will love her no matter what.
    Hays gorgeous and she has the bonus of a friend
    It’s probably only temporary and she will keep it separate to her kid’s lives, which are in another country to the couple.
    She’s a great mum.
    I don’t think she’s a fool nor will be blindsided.
    It’s probably not even real, maybe they’re just doing it for publicity.
    All these disapproving biddies really are just being silly.

    1. Silly no I think you are it’s just plain wrong and sick. Having fun you say plenty of ways to do that but been a relationship wrecker and sleeping around isn’t one. Promoting this doesnt make her a good mother

    2. Totally agree, what is wrong with people my god she’s a great mom their father hurt her very badly …Jesus what ever happened to live and let live …regardless of situation stop knocking a mom,woman she doesn’t deserve it …and for the people who say …shes a bad role model ? Are your children reading the papers or invested in her life ? NOPE when your kids go to the shop and town cinema etc they only think of themselves…it is what it is ..the problem is coming from the parents and their disapproval ! Go Una

    3. Well said. Let her live her life. If we lived our own lives the world might be a happier place. I am no one to judge others so no one should judge others.

  9. I think someone is gonna get hurt and it certainly won’t be him. He wants his cake and eat it. I feel sorry for her children who will probably face a lot of unesseary attention later on. Una you are a lovely person and I feel there is plenty of one man on woman out there waiting for you.

  10. Live and let live, no rule book on relationships they are all good people making choices to that’s suited to there live style, I really don’t understand what it’s like to have fame I do know lots of unders have turned to drugs and worse, hope they enjoy the time together.

  11. Glad everyone knows so much about Una and her relationships and the way she parents her kids. I’d say, it wouldn’t be for me but, leave the girl alone, no one’s business except hers

  12. David haye and the girls on a night at Mrs Crokes Thurles Lar Corbett will be delighted, 15€ meet and greet ,25€ extra for a box from Una 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Monogamy is a modern construct and to expect just one person to be able to bet your every need is just not viable. More importantly, what goes on between consenting adults is nobody else’s business

  14. Well said. Let her live her life. If we lived our own lives the world might be a happier place. I am no one to judge others so no one should judge others.

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