🚨Sonny Bill Williams is the latest to SLAM the RFU for ridiculous decision

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Sonny Bill Williams is the latest player to hit out at the RFU after they agreed to lower the height of the tackle in community rugby.

On Thursday it was announced that the legal tackle height in England would be lowered to the waistline.

The decision was taken as a result of a study from the University of Glasgow that found that ex-rugby players had more of a risk of neurodegenerative and motor neurone diseases.

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As you can imagine there was a massive negative response to this from fans, players and almost everybody in the rugby community.

Sonny Bill Williams took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the decision stating that ‘Rugby is not an “evasion sport”.

The former New Zealand rugby star now turned heavyweight boxer wasn’t the only player to voice his opposition on Twitter.

What do you think of the decision?

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  1. Next they will be demanding that players wear helmets and padding and the name will be changed to Gridiron Rugby!

  2. When the ball carrier lower his body to open the defence, there is no need for the defender to show his steel by tackling the ball carrier right from the front
    Only give a step to the left or right and tackle from the side
    That will minimise serious injuries

    1. The whole idea is about taking him backwards if you do what you suggest he will cross the gain line and create momentum which will cause havoc for defenses.

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