🚨Sadio Mane has received his punishment after punching Leroy Sane😬

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Bayern Munich has ‘temporarily suspended’ Sadio Mane after he punched Leroy Sane in the dressing room after their Champions League loss.

Things got heated in the Bayern dressing room on Tuesday after they lost 3-0 to Manchester City in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final.

The former Liverpool forward could be seen arguing with Sane on the pitch and that carried over into the changing room where Mane reportedly punched his teammate.

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The Bundesliga champions have now decided to suspend the forward for their next game and will also fine him.

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  1. Being punished not being in the mansquad against Hoffeinheim was just enough 🤔,why the fine now? Or this is because Mane is an African?
    This is absolutely wrong

    1. he just punched his teammate wtf if somone in football club punches you then youwill want the person who attacked you get respect bc he’s different lmao. but with a punishment your right thats too much

    2. ahh David use your senses small. he is an African man so. he is also a person
      and also the best player in the world.

  2. Stupid comment. Why do u guys always want to put Africa into disrepute? Why make Africa play the victim at every possible occasion?

    Someone punched iis colleague in he face, it was even enough that he punched him at all and u are here talking about being an African. That’s absolute nonsense. In most organisations, such cases are treated with as Gross Misconduct and the decision is Summary Dismissal.

    I think he should not just be fined, but sent to play with the Team B for some times.

    1. So you want to tell us that sane was right to racially abuse mane “African shit”,your racism is killing German football.shame up on you

  3. Verbal and physical abuse is the same but one was punished why not both of them. Smelling racist 😏

    1. The coach new he was grieving for the loss of his aunty and sane called him an african shit, buh I think the two should be punished not just only mane

  4. The whole world witnessed Mane’s behavior the man was always correct . When a good man feels disrespect
    Things will always go down .

  5. Nonsense!! The fine is to demoralize Mane, Sane is known for his I’ll discipline character and racism against people of Africa or African descendants

  6. Ele deveria voltar para o Liverpool, não tem mostrando bom futebol, péssimo desempenho, Sané é melhor que ele, e a punição foi bem aplicada

  7. Mane is blamed for punching Sane, but has anyone come up with the cause to the punch? Mane is always physical but indisciplined to that extent so to me, I think, Sane might have said some thing that took Mane off beyond his control. Therefore, Mane shouldn’t be criticized before we know why he punched Sane.

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