🚨OnlyFans model accuses Premier League star of sending her abusive messages after she refused to send nudes

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OnlyFans model, Alyssa Jay, claims that an Everton footballer sent her abusive messages after she refused to send him nude photos. 

Speaking on the  Option One Podcast and later in an interview with the Daily Star, Jay revealed that a player from Everton football club allegedly sent her abusive messages through Instagram DM’s.

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“He was like ‘are you going to send me photos’ and I refused and he was like ‘do you actually not know I am’ and he asked who I thought I was too. He was very angry and nasty with me.” she said.

“He sent abusive messages. He kept saying ‘I want to see you’ and ‘send me some photos now, send me photos now’ and he was pestering me to a point. It was mad.

“The thing that shocked me was the ‘do you not know who I am’ bit. I knew who he was because he messaged me on Instagram but I don’t watch football to be fair, I’m not a big football person.

“I could see who he was from Instagram but it doesn’t mean anything.

“I think with footballers power just goes to their head.”

The player was not named in the interview.

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