🚨Manchester United star headed for the door after Mason Greenwood latest👀

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Manchester United youngster Facundo Pellistri is reportedly set for a loan spell away from the club next season as the wait for the decision on Mason Greenwood’s future continues.

The Uruguayan winger impressed at the World Cup but has found it difficult to secure regular playing time at Old Trafford.

The 21-year-old joined in 2020 and according to reports, is set for a loan spell alongside Anthony Elanga.

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This news comes at a time when the club are still investigating Greenwood and fans are awaiting a decision.

According to recent reports, Greenwood is scheduled to speak to the media for the first time since the charges were dropped.

The decision the club take on the future of the England international will directly influence the other attackers in the side.

Pellistri spent all last season on loan in Spain playing for Deportivo Alaves and if the reports are true, will head out to another club on his third loan spell after the season ends.

With the Red Devils already 4-1 up on aggregate against Real Betis, Erik ten Hag has decided to hand Pellistri a debut in the second leg of their Europa fixture.

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      2. You are very wrong my friend.
        Everyone makes mistake every now and then. Give him a chance to right his wrong. By the way, he is back and expecting with the same girl.

  1. Greenwood is a better player to Facundo pellistri though he Isa good player he needs a better chance to prove

  2. Greenwood should be showing the door if you let him stay then all players who are waiting for the same offence will go free if this happens it proves the players are bigger than the club in 15 years time he will be remembered for crime not for his football dump him

    1. Stfu you scouser, Greenwood isn’t guilty, and he’ll definitely come back to play for united, if you aren’t contented with it, go support another team.

      1. Everyone hav made one mistake at one particular time in our lives and we were still given another chance to be a better person.
        Greenwood should be given same treatment while allowing Pellistri to develop with the team by giving him a chance to prove his worth.
        To me, Pellistri is a baller who we should allow to develop into a great player within the tea setup.

      1. Stop being cowards all ya guys, Law cleared him not guilty so we should be happy for that and not condemn him, mistakes is what we learn from and we need our Mason back

    2. People log of wood in their eyes seeing the peck in another man’s eyes. Mr judge speak for yourself.
      The charges were dropped. Why are u still holding him.

  3. The law states Greenwood is innocent. None of us know what happened so saying otherwise is vigilantism. I don’t believe Palistri will be loaned out. Unlike Anthony he can beat a player. If Greenwood plays , United have formidable options next seasons . I can’t see them throw away what he is worth financially.

    1. He wasn’t found innocent but charges were dropped itdoesnt mean he is innocent. Build a team on pellistri

  4. Greenwood may be innocent in a legal sense but I personally don’t want to see him back at Man Utd . In my view he was not such a great player and I can’t possibly agree with his treatment of women and his attitude and behaviour toward them – just my view – we don’t need him .

  5. You all saying greenwood should be banned…..fuck you all…….go fuck yourselves…..fools

    Greenwood is innocent and he will play for United again.

    Fuck u all loosers.

  6. The police had already dropped the charges against Greenwood. So he shld be given another chance. It got nothing to do with the footballing side. He is way better than Pelestri & Elanga. Even Antony is not yet the same level as Greenwood. So integrate him slowly back to the squad.

  7. Mason has paid his dues and so must be allowed back into the team. He spend a whole year out and not playing. It has been a tough year for him and he has lost so much and now it’s time for him to be given a second chance and showcase his skills and contribute to the growth of Manchester United.

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