🚨Manchester United have reportedly received offers for Mason Greenwood…

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Manchester United have reportedly received loan enquiries for Mason Greenwood according to recent reports.

The English striker has not played for Manchester United in over a year after he was arrested on suspicion of alleged rape and assault. He has also not trained professionally with any other side during that period of time.

There is now a lot of speculation about his potential return to the pitch after charges were dropped against him at the beginning of last month but he will have to wait until Manchester United complete its internal investigation before getting an answer.

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But some clubs seeing the ongoing situation want to take Greenwood out of Manchester on a short-term loan while the investigation continues.

According to Mike McGrath from the Daily Telegraph, a number of Turkish clubs have launched loan enquiries as their transfer window is currently open.

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  2. greenwood should be allowed to play for utd he was not charged with anything they are going to lose a great player

    1. He fits in perfectly with Ryan giggs as a role model. Greenwood the rapist will help groom the the generation of abusers. Keep him at the club…..

    2. The charges were dropped doesn’t mean he’s innocent with all the voice clips and pictures he ain’t innocent vile scum

    3. I totally agree he should be allowed to stay at United if they get rid he will return one and and haunt us they won’t get rid of him he will be a great striker for United !!!!!!!

  3. Please don’t let Mason Greenwood play for Man Utd ever again after what he has done it’s totally disgusting he should have got prison sentence

    1. Sorry but unless you know something nobody else knows he hasn’t been charged or convicted with any offence purely had his character assassinated by some girl for whatever reason nobody knows and she should be prosecuted because their are too many girls who think it’s okay to destroy lads lives for fun

      1. Innocent until.proved guilty. He should be brought back, let him get fit and train and start afresh nextcseason

      2. Did you not see the video and hear the voice clips of him he basically was a vile abusive dickhead who tild a girl he doesnt give a fuck if she doesnt want sex cos he does,
        Charges will have been dropped because i bet she has been paid off

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    3. Shut the fuck up 😂 clearly if charges were dropped he’s innocent women that falsely accuse men should be locked up

    4. What has he done? He was charged and then the charges were dropped for lack of a case innocent until proven guilty. His career is on jeopardy as is his ability to earn a living. But you claim he has “done” something illegal. Judge not less ye be judged should be your mantra.

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