🚨Gary Lineker slammed by by Joey Barton for being a complete hypocrite over Borussia Dortmund .. 😬

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The former Rangers player Joey Barton has called out Gary Lineker for being a massive hypocrite over his tweet about Borussia Dortmund. It’s hard to disagree with Barton here to be fair, have a look below with some of the comments underneath ..

The BBC, who he works for takes money from the government and places like the Bill & Melinda gates foundation.

Does he agree with everything they do, I’m pretty sure we also sell weapons to various countries.

Should he not step down on principle.

It’s slippery slope, because you’d never do anything if you really meant it.

You just dream to get to Saudi. That’s why you post this. And it’s a great country for you as well. You support all the values.

Didn’t he get paid by the BBC to be there? So, British money?

And also spoke out about the human rights issues in Qatar regularly whilst there?

The typical champagne socialist calling out people for their behaviours and then ignores his hypocrisy

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  1. This seems to be a big problem with high profile and highly paid champagne socialists. They often have no understanding or consideration for the genuine working class Brit, who thinks that Sir Kier and his team will solve all their problems. Sorry folks, no politician will solve your problems unless a) it is party policy, and b) it wont negatively affect them

    1. Well after the shit show under the Tories for the last 14 years someone has to try and repair broken Britain.
      And definitely not the Tories

  2. Gary, you are clearly unable to think very deeply about the world away from the football pitch.

    Just shut up about things you know little about, stop virtue signaling and being a hypocrite, and focus on the job that your employer pays you handsomely for.

  3. The programmes are presented pretty well without him. It begs the question, “Do we need him at all?”
    Actually, we watch them for the football or the highlights! Not as it happens for the boring repetitive crap between the action.

    Blimey, we could save a bit here!

  4. Lineker is a complete idiot dabbling in affairs that he is not qualified to give an opinion.Sack him and donate his million pound salary to a charit

  5. Lineker gets paid a fortune for fronting a repeat show.His politics are his and he does not front a politics shoe.Well said joey spot on .

    1. He’s a crap presenter full of little snide comments, yes he’s a hypocritical buffoon and most of all he wasn’t a great striker like his mate Shearer he was simply a goal lagger not a proper footballer putting a shift in

      1. Lineker and shearer are adrift from current punditry and their egotistical behaviour towards ten hag and Manchester United on the field after beating a great team in Manchester City was nothing short of embarrassing , and totally lacked respect for a team and its members in the throw of immediate celebration. Regurgatating their lack of consistency when they had just defeated a great team and manager really did lack class and seriously poor timing .

      2. I’m not sure about that. He might be a buffoon now, but on the pitch, In his era Lineker was a great English striker.

  6. I always take the footie so i don’t have to listen to people telling me what i have just watched.I can form my one opinions!

  7. And he couldn’t head a ball,missed a great chance versus Argentina in 1986.It would have been an equaliser in the last minutes of the famous hand of god!!

  8. Lineker is quality – will have to do the research about a missed header in 1986 against Argentina. Anyway he is being replaced by a black lesbian with a penis extension next year so why worry.

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