🚨Fans are all saying the same thing after Freddie Steward receives a red card 😬

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Freddie Steward has just received a red card in Ireland’s Six Nation clash with England.

Hugo Keenan received an elbow to the head from Steward just before half-time.

It looked like it could be a very long evening for Ireland after the first 20 minutes with England turning up at the Aviva.

But in the 34th minute, Dan Sheehan scored Ireland’s opening try, releasing the pressure.

Then just before half-time, Steward received a straight red for a high tackle.

Fans took to social media to give their thoughts on the incident.

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  1. Out and out red card every day of the week. No attempt at tackle led with the elbow and shoulder

    1. It’s obvious you’re ellie card at worst.
      i’ve never played the game at any level! 1. zIt was a forward pass2. The ref had already blow his whistle.
      3. Hugo Keenan was moving forward st speed leadin with his head 4. Steward had turned away and was falling to his right. 5 Hspp ned in a milli second. 6. The ref did not attempt any mitigation. Yellow card at worst. Congratulations Ireland awesome campaign!!

    2. Complete nonsense Stewart had a milli second to react and in no way did he lead with anything .You need to look again without green lenses in

  2. Unfortunately there is very little wiggle room in the Head Injury laws. I heard Pieffer say to Freddie “unfortunately in the presenr guidance I have no choice” as he pulled our the Red Card. Bless him – Freddy looked broken hearted.

  3. The suggestion that Steward was bracing for impact is rubbish. He jumped into the Irish player leading with his elbow and shoulder. Both feet were off the ground. Yes the Irishman was falling and contributes to the impact. But the laws are clear. Contact with the head is red. Correct decision according to the laws of the game. No I’m neither Irish not English. Game is done. Better team on the day won. Time to build a bridge

    1. Everyone who
      Is unsure of the position and about mitigation keeps banging on about “rules is rules “

      Firstly they are Laws
      Second one of the laws is mitigation

      How could he pull out ? He wasn’t going for a tackle he was going to collect the knocked on ball which Keenan should have left alone

      So at the very last moment he tried to turn
      And collided
      As he wasn’t planning to tackle
      He would not have wrapped his arms anyway

      its therefore a YELLOW card

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