🚨Everyone is asking the same question after Kyle Hayes spotted with a phone during Limerick game

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The Limerick player was spotted unusually with a phone in his hand after coming back out onto the pitch in the second half.

Limerick walked away victorious on Sunday afternoon after beating Galway in the National Hurling League 0-24 to 0-19.

The Munster side looked phenomenal again with Kyle Hayes putting in a standout performance in the first half but some eagle-eyed supporters spotted something unusual as he came back out in the second half.

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Hayes had a phone in his hand and was seen running over to give it to the umpire.

It is still uncertain whether it was in fact his own phone or if he just found it on the pitch.

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  1. I’m sorry to say as someone from Cork who has connections in Limerick that there is an organised strategy by the Limerick hurling team to engage in unacceptable incidents as a means of intimidating opponents.

    1. you are dead right , he used the phone to get instructions off john kiely for the entire 2nd half , terrible carry on .

    2. You need to just accept the fact that they are the best team in the country. Your comment is laughable. How is a phone supposed to intimidate the opposing team. If it does then you need to look at your own hurlers and not the limerick team. What are connections in Limerick supposed to be? Do you realise how silly your comments are?

  2. you are dead right , he used the phone to get instructions off john kiely for the entire 2nd half , terrible carry on .

  3. I was not aware of Kyle with the phone.
    I was reacting to Kyle striking in the area of his opponent’s head, which would normally result in an automatic red card as I have seen in past years. Limerick are the best team in the country and don’t need to injure anybody.
    Remember what happened to Joe Canning a few years ago.

  4. There is lot of commotion following following the hurley tap by Kyle Hayes but unless I’m totally mistaken wasn’t there also one earlier by a Galway player on a Limerick player. Perhaps it’s time for other counties to try and reach the bar set by Limerick instead of their players using up their energy on trying to get star Limerick hurlers sanctioned. It is most unsporting to blame the opposition for one’s own shortcomings.

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