🚨Brian O’Driscoll got into a heated argument with Clive Woodward over Steward red card

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Clive Woodward and Brian O’Driscoll disagreed over Freddie Steward’s first-half red card. 

Ireland became Grand Slam Champions with a win over England at the Aviva Stadium on Saturday evening.

Although Ireland cruised to victory in the end, it was far from an ideal start for Andy Farrell’s men as they looked extremely nervous inside the opening 30 minutes.

But those nerves were settled in the 34th minute when Dan Sheehan scored Ireland’s first try of the game.

Then minutes later, Freddie Steward was sent off after connecting with the head of Hugo Keenan.

Speaking in the ITV studio, Clive Woodward and Brian O’Driscoll stood on different sides of the fence.

“He’s there to protect himself, I think it’s just one of those really unfortunate positions…” O’Driscoll said.

“Steward goes in to brace himself for a collision that is square on. You’re not in a strong position if you stay square, you’re going to turn your body. It’s just unbelievably unlucky that he caught him square in the head with his elbow.

“As soon as you saw the replay, there is a duty of care from the defender on the attacker, irrespective of the knock-on. He can’t lead with the shoulder like that. He catches him square in the head. Jaco Peyper came to the right decision, albeit it’s a tough one to make…”

Woodward then weighs in with his opinion.

“When you watch it live, none of us said it was a yellow or red card. It’s just a rugby incident that happens. Keenan goes to kick it and goes down a bit, Steward comes in. Freddie Steward is not a dirty player, he’s not going ‘I’m going to hurt this player’.

“To the letter of the law it’s a red card, but in terms of a rugby incident, it’s a yellow card at best. I think they should shake hands and move on. He got it wrong, it’s a yellow card.”

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