🚨BREAKING: There is HUGE news coming out of Donegal GAA 😬

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The entire Donegal GAA academy staff has walked away from their roles after academy chief, Karl Lacey quit last Friday.

The entire academy staff which comprises the coaches, performance support staff, and logistics teams have stepped down from their positions.

This comes a week after academy chief, Lacey resigned from his role due to the lack of support from the county board.

In a letter to the county board, the academy staff reiterated Lacey’s reasoning and claim that they have lost faith with Donegal GAA.

“We regret to inform you that the coaches, performance support and logistics support involved in the Donegal Academy are stepping down from their duties with immediate effect.” the letter reads.

“Our under 20 and under 17 coaches and management teams will remain in place as they are in season, and the integrity of our competitions must be preserved.

“We would all like express our full support for the Head of Academy Development and are extremely disappointed in how he was treated in his role. However, our deepest regret lies with the approx. 350 young Donegal players which are currently at standstill, who we coached and bonded with over the past 18 months and indeed their parents/guardians who were equally as committed.

“However, the coaches, performance support and logistics support feel that the development vision and pathway for Donegal is not aligned with or supported by the leadership within the county. As a group, we have lost all confidence in governance of Donegal GAA.”

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