🚨BREAKING: Mason Greenwood has first meeting with Manchester United since charges were dropped

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For the first time since the assault and rape charges were dropped, Manchester United chiefs have held a face-to-face meeting with Mason Greenwood.

The young English striker had the charges dropped earlier this month by the Crown Prosecution Service and since then speculation about his potential return to football has been rampant.

Almost immediately after the charges were dropped, Manchester United released a statement announcing that they would be launching their own internal investigation into the matter.

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In order to get a full overview of the situation, the club have reportedly help a face-to-face meeting with Greenwood.

“Mason and his team met with the club to start the process of trying to get to the bottom of exactly what may or may not have happened.” A source told The Sun.

“It is an extremely sensitive situation and the club think it is only fair that Mason is given the opportunity to fully explain himself.

“The club are keen to hear his version of events. Only when they have the full picture, can they start to move things forward.”

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  1. Haven’t we all made mistakes at his age…trouble is he is no different and neitheris his girlfriend….Grossly Immature but with an abhorrent amount of money in his bank..the lad and his girlfriend are Clueless….Unless United have FULL control of his Football life and a very strong influence of his private life legally….Then my advice is to move Mason to a European Club or the MLS and use the money to put towards a mature Striker who has life skills as well as footballing ones…

      1. Obviously the situation wasn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be, as he’s back with the same bird who’s accused him and they’re having a kid!
        In my experience you don’t usually get back with the bird who’s made serious accusations like that if they were factual!

        1. If the allegations weren’t true and you were not trying to buy her silence would you take her? If I had been arrested, banged up and potentially lost my future because some bird decided to make things up there is no way I’m taking her back.
          He is guilty as sin and just trying to stay out of prison.

        2. Listen to the video recording. She is still to terrified to do anything else. Even her dad didn’t support her. Was more concerned about having a wealthy footballer as a son in law. And what is your experience about being accused of raping and beating a woman?

          1. The girl friend is pregnant for him and they are back together as couples bring back our star boy back everybody make mistakes in there youth age he is not the first person to commit the mistake on his young age others wanted to tarnished his career he is gonna be unstoppable under ten hag that’s for sure he is surely needed imminent

        3. Yeah we have… but I didn’t rape anyone did you? The fact that he’s back with her means nothing other than he’s manipulative and coercive.

        1. Did you witness or you heard.
          Anyone can be accused of anything provided you don’t have any evidence of being innocent.
          She gave everything she could to pin him, maybe the issue was something else but she had to hold him with that. So don’t judge anyone. He is not worse than a murderer who was set free and give

        2. If you think rape is just a mistake, you need to have a good look at yourself and your moral compass

        3. He should be given a chance to get back to the club, we are human, and we are always incomplete, those going against mason probably once made a mistake more than mason’s in their life…

      2. Did he rape your sister? if its true that he raped the girl then the charges wouldn’t have been dropped.

      3. Don’t be judgemental, if courts drops the case then I think it’s final not like in some African countries were money leds sin

      4. For whatever reason, his charges has been dropped. It means he has no case against him & he is free. Who are we without any depth of knowledge to judge them. They are bringing up a baby together & this must be encouraged, supported, respected, given privacy for the best upbringing of this kid.access him mentally if he is up for a fresh start with ETH & that he’ll obey whatever task put forward by ETH to him. If up to it, Plse give him a chance to play & look after his family. No stigmata lasts forever, they fade but we United fans will a 100% be behind you if only u can give your all to ETH as a mentor teacher advisor…
        Mason, u r too valuable to be discarded just like that, once broken it’s forever lost. Repent if there’s any to repent and move on with ETH’s plans for you
        We love u & ur family too much, we lost the entertainment from you, wouldn’t you want to make amends and pay us your fans back?

          1. Good or bad in the field, Mason is a UTD kid bring him back.

            You don’t just chastise your child because of a mistake be it as it may.

            Bring Mason back please 🙏🏽

      5. Yet who said h raped her is back in his arm & now expecting a baby with him. She need charging cause she’s made a mockery of any person being raped , no wonder people don’t report rapes

      6. The girl that’s carrying his baby now come on fella if he had really done something bad would she of got pregnant

      7. Charges were dropped and they all made mistakes Rooney, Cantona + other teams and we’ll still watch the games. French Director just got the sack too. Everyone makes mistakes as a kid. Let him play!

      8. Did it actually happen heard the tape and it was out of order he wanted sex did he actually get it and force it? Far as I know it was attempted rape. But the pictures are out of order to and if did assault her that would be a assault charge


      10. So yiou found him guilty? … you were there ?

        Who exactly did he rape ?

        No one that’s who.

    1. Say what? If he had smashed your daughters face in and raper her I’m sure you would feel a tad different. Or then again you could be like her parents and bend to money which is scandalous and wrong. Only place for him is on the scrap heap and take away his chance of being a star. Do you not think his “people” have told him to repair what he did and become squeaky clean and a good boyfriend? Just until it all hopefully goes away and he can crack in then. Literally

      1. Mate there is more to the story than been disclosed leading to her withdrawing her statement. If there were clear evidence the prosecution would go ahead with the statement (if she made any in the first place) they had including the recorded sound with no video evidence. He is innocent until proven guilty irrespective of money or no money. Do you ever ask yourself why the girl recorded the event or who is behind it? Which ever way you look at it money is involved mostly from her seeking it one way or the other.

    2. Greenwood z way better player than most of
      the players out there xo I advise the club 2 give him one more opportunity…

    3. Yes we made mistakes but we never raped, would never and won’t accept such things from our kids or anyone.

    4. the courts have made their decision that should be the end of the matter. He should be allowed to come back and get on with his life..

      1. The courts didn’t make a decision. The Crown prosecution couldn’t take it to court, the witnesses decided to change there minds. Regardless of that, anyone who heard the video, won’t of changed there minds.

    5. We have all made mistakes, you’re right! Just yesterday, I was out walking and I tripped, fell, and raped two women! Shit happens, right??

    6. Did you see the photos of her face beaten up? Or hear the audio? It was vile and disturbing. Yes we have all been young and made mistakes but I’ve never raped and beaten someone have you?

    7. Raping and beating a woman is not a mistake. It is a criminal offence. God help any daughters you may have.

    8. If you think rape is just a mistake, you need to have a good look at yourself and your moral compass

    9. Made mistake, but I’ve never beaten, bullied and raped someone by accident. Just because the charges were dropped, doesn’t mean he’s innocent

    10. I don’t think you can put abusing and raping someone in the bracket of, we have all made mistakes.

    11. We had make mistakes and he’s young give him another shot at it am not just commenting as a fan but also as a man who messes up loads of time and seek to be a better person

    1. What??? He’s a racist and a female batterer, that’s not a thing you can sweep under the carpet. He should have gone to jail for years but he has bought his way back into her parents and her and got away with jail as she dropped the charges. Go watch the clips back again, vile little wrong un

    2. Sure. I am pleased you think that if your daughters were beaten and raped that nothing should be done so as not to spoil a man’s future.

  2. The charges were dropped for a reason, Man United acting above the law holding their own enquiry, totally ludicrous situation

    1. And what exactly do you think the reason was? It wasn’t lack of evidence now was it? Nor a victim. No, it was that he bought her family back and her. Thing is, he STILL roses her and he STILL battered her. He absolutely should have gone to jail. Dreadful that he hasn’t.

  3. Every one of you have made valid statements! He is young with a lot of money, most likely with a bunch of very immature friends, who are all YES men! Not only is he the blame for his actions Man United is also to blame! This all stems from him and another player getting sent home from the national team. Remember he broke curfew and Covid protocol, when they snuck out at a hotel, the team was staying at. From that point on Man United should’ve known that he would need a chaperoned and close monitoring by them and his agent! However, until he man’s up and except responsibility for his actions, just or unjust. They should keep him on the on the 21 s until he completes sensitivity training and shows maturity!

  4. Let him leave he will mature somewhere else remember what happened to him on England tour in Austria and now this. Once a junkie always one

      1. Did he rape you ..shit head .. you was there to say he did it …ur judging like u know any thing you sound like a Liverpool fan and your more like a hater ..you just need shut up .an leave the young youth alone …he is not guilty an till proven ..so he deserves a chance back in the team ..big hater you are ..🤨

    1. You’re right! I went for a drive yesterday, went well over the speeding limit, spun off the road, hit a tree, flew through the windscreen and raped six women when I landed! These types of mistakes just happen!

  5. I’m even more confused that the alleged girl claiming to have been taken advantage of is expecting a baby in the summer and the father is Greenwood.
    Someone claims to have been raped and then goes to bed with the same person who she claims to have raped him?

  6. This issue happened last year January and to this present month is more than 9 month for a pregnant woman to give birth. And Greenwood will soon become father of unborn baby
    You have reason well about the case charged againt him is like something is not clear
    Or they sleep with each other when the case was going on ?

  7. Man United will regret if they let the young striker go! He will Join a rival club and later be bought again by a huge amount just like pogba

  8. Why would he go back with the girl who has probably ruined his life can’t get my head round that the video she posted looked staged all charges dropped in my opinion his name or any man who faces the same situation should not have their name revealed until they have been found guilty in most cases the accusers name is kept out of it in this case she should be charged with false allegations wasting public money wasting police time and whatever

  9. I think theres alot of speculation but he wasn’t convicted of any charges so people saying hes a rapist thats slander.

    He is a talented football player which the club can benefit from he doea deserve the chance to explain himself to his bosses and does deserve to have a secons chance

  10. I understands all organizations have their own code of conduct, but I see no reason for any dit down in a face to face discussions because they are not going to hear anything newer than what B the prosecutors had already.
    We all makes mistakes especially in the internet world. Most things youths get them self involved in these days are all out there to be emulated. The hip-hop music and videos are all out there and we have witnessed how women are treated in some of these videos. Todays youths are ready trying anything seen out there. We are in a deep mess.
    Green made a mistake, has learned from it and will never repeat such again.
    So I want all MANU fans and club owners forgives him and let him continues his football career. Let’s bygones be bygones!!

    1. Yep, the internet, hey? I was Googling plumbers the other day and raped my neighbour! How she won’t let bygones be bygones is beyond me! We all make mistakes, right??

  11. He should be allowed to return to the team, if the court dropped the charges, who are we to judge him, give him a chance, I am sure he deserves a break after all he has Ben through, is Reds stick together gone are the days of Ronaldo and Pogba, we are Bach as a family we win together and we lose together thank you 🙏🏻

    1. Oh he’s been through so much! Being a millionaire at 19 must’ve been difficult, but then add all the raping and I don’t know how he gets through his days. Poor lad

  12. People forget it wasn’t her who went to the police it was the police prosecuting on behalf of the crown. And it’s been dismissed due to lack of prosecution evidence and key witnesses not being available. So it’s innocence due to lack of evidence to sustain an accusation. Not innocent by trial. Make of that what you will.

  13. Let him be moved on , we have an excellent team now so why throw him into the mix and all the controversy it will cause . Not the sort of player I want at man Utd . Even despite his rape allegations ect he broke his bail conditions . Arrogant narcissist . Get rid !!!

  14. Greenwood should move on from United because the treatment he got it from his own teammates was so bad to the extend that they even unfollowed him. Even the hierarchy were also distanced themselves from the whole issue. We’re all not perfect so when there’s an issues or case of this nature popped up we should have patience instead of lambasting the person. Greenwood is a very talented player so it’s obvious they want to end up his career as a black, terminate your contract and move on boy. All the best MG

  15. Has anyone ACTUALLY listened to that recording 🤦‍♂️
    She says stop trying to out your d**k in and it sounds horrible but reality check they both have to be semi naked at least for that to be possible
    You don’t hear any struggle or anything clothing being removed or forcibly removed
    The girl is so calm for someone who is allegedly having something horrific done to them
    Absolutely zero sign of her trying to escape a horrible situation but instead secretly records 🤔
    That recording is not what it appears to be imo

  16. Loads calling him a rapist but there was a voice recording no video evidence if there was enough evidence the cps would of carried on with the charge you all seem to forget that the girl that so say accused him is now carrying his baby so maybe stop all reading rubbish and look at the facts

  17. Why does he have to explain himself 🤔 I would ask the club just where they was when he needed them. My reply to them would be I’ve no wish to talk to you on that matter. It would be in front of my solicitor to make sure they know what my intensions are if they are thinking of cancelling my contract

  18. I thought he was caught on mobile shouting obscenities at his girlfriend? Or did she actually accuse him of rape? Genuine question
    I haven’t seen or heard the evidence.

  19. No one is 100% perfect give @Greenwood chance to play in the top club again.
    Am Sabah Sebie Sabah from Uganda 🇺🇬 say no to homosexual

  20. The lad deserves to play again, nothing proved in court of law however the abuse he’ll receive at away grounds in England is bound to affect his mental health, maybe a move abroad would be his best option for now.

  21. When Maguire got found guilty abroad the club didn’t do a investigation, ronaldo was in court for rape the club didn’t do A investigation. It’s interesting now they decide it’s necessary.

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