🚨BREAKING: Mason Greenwood has been told when he could return to Manchester United training

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Manchester United have told Mason Greenwood that he won’t be able to return to training with the club until next season at the earliest with the internal investigation not set to be completed until after the summer.

The young English forward was suspended by the club in January of last year after allegations of attempted rape and assault emerged but these charges were dropped last month.

Greenwood is still under contract at Manchester United but the club have launched an internal investigation into the incident before deciding on his future.

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According to Sportsmail, the club have held extensive talks with Greenwood and the player has expressed his desire to get back on the pitch.

The 21-year-old was then told that he won’t be able to return to training until next year at the earliest.

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  1. Actually it’s true but don’t leave that young star.we are waiting for him next season.

  2. The young lad should be given a second chance to play for Manchester United. He could be the solution at the right wing

        1. The kid needs a break we all made mistakes. Probably not that bad but we’ve all made mistakes. And his only a kid.

        2. If all charges have been dropped he should be back playing now.
          It is wrong that he has to wait and the sooner he is back the better.

      1. He is living with her now. They even going to have a child together. Or you think maybe he put a gun to her head. Why don’t you ask her why is she with him after all that he did. Clearly this whole thing was to keep him out of the season.Who knows maybe both parties was paid for this.Because if I was her father then I would of made sure he don’t come near her. But clearly they were because the pair is having a child or maybe he donated his sperm. If he was in this season definitely would have made a huge impact. So go back before he was arrested. United was looking good.And with the lad being right and left footed would have broke defensive players like mad. Then again only my opinion. But I guess you not a united fan so yours will be different. Anyway let’s see if he is back next season and where united will then be. And don’t forget to come have this same discussion here.

      2. Innocent until PROVEN Guilty.not the other way round.
        I hope you don’t get arrested and charged for something you didn’t do,according to your views you should lose everything.

  3. As you want #glazers out, thats how we also need greenwood back at old Trafford..
    Fans from Uganda

  4. Grateful for being out of the hard suspension, come back home of dreams Manson greenwood. We love you so much, and we expect wonderful performances.

  5. What bigger or better investigation can Utd do that the police have all ready done, he has been cleared of all charges and is looking forward to been a young father with his girlfriend, I can’t see what or who has a problem with this player, personally I think it’s all about what the people think, is what Utd or afraid of, is going to be a said, he has gone through enough and yes he is going to get bad banter, but he has got a lot more by been in prison. Best of luck to greenwood, Bring him BACK

  6. If his partner has forgiven him and they are trying to make it work I don’t see why do many Karen’s are outraged, he’s only young and made a mistake, if he’s getting help from the people around him and the club then good. Chastising him now is only punishing his partner and child in the long term. If she’s decided to move on then we all should, stop making it about YOU.

  7. Bring back Mason. Everyone deserves a second chance and in his case the police have said he has no case to answer.
    He is not a killer nor a rapist.
    Please bring back Mason and let us all come together to give him time and support to get over the debacle and reach his full potentials.
    Thank you

  8. Happy day! Happy day! When Mason returned to Old Trafford.
    I can’t wait for his return.

  9. Why does people relate to Man Utd as Red Devils. There’s only one team who enjoy the name Red Devils, and that’s Salford who play a man’s game with the oval ball.

  10. man rapes women
    Women gets pregnant
    Women starts blaming herself for her child having no father
    Women forgives rapist
    Man rapes female
    Man rapes female
    Man rapes female
    Man gets arrested
    Man gets sent to prison

  11. I am also in support of mason back at utd
    He is the only promising star not only that he is a teenager manutd must not harden their heart to forgive him bring him back please

  12. He is a young man who needs to be helped to grow into a gentleman. Manchester united received that boy at only six years. It was their responsibility to nurture him into a well behaved gentleman. They bear the blame too!

  13. I remember Wayne Rooney start bar fight gotten arrested for it drunk driving go and live TV on wwc slap the guy and even cheated on his wife which the club totally against and he didn’t go through any of what Mason greenwood is going through right now yes they stay Greenwood attempted rape beat up his girlfriend and treating to kill but we all know the law especially towards black men if there was one little evidence that he was innocent he would be gone so fan and to the United board this guy is not innocent until proven innocent in which the case is drop because there no case give the guy a break man

  14. Exactly a non man UTD fan shouldn’t come here and say ” WE” don’t want him of course we want him because everyone makes mistake and sometimes traped so no one is above this I can also remember the likes of giggs, Ronaldo and roneey,so please they should stop condemning him he never killed Christ,he would have been our own saka including rashford ,glory glory man UTD and victory against Newcastle

  15. Personally I think it’s scandalous that after months and months of arrest and re-arrest, anxiety and uncertainty United are heaping more of the same on this young man’s head. Whatever our personal view of the outcome of the legal proceedings, Greenwood and his wife to be have put that behind them. United have all the information at their fingertips. They owe it to everybody to arrive at a decision as speedily as possible. Even if it decides on a staged plan, for example start training now in preparation to start playing in August for example. It would bring an end to the uncertainty and speculation.

  16. I don’t see y they take so long to bring him back I think they wasted to must time

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