🚨BREAKING: It has just been revealed when Manchester City will receive their punishment if found guilty

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According to Martyn Ziegler, the case against Manchester City could take between two and four years to be completed.

The Manchester side was charged with over 100 breaches of financial rules on Monday in an unprecedented case that has stunned the footballing world.

The investigation began four years ago and followed Manchester City’s financial ongoing for 14 years. The club released a statement in the immediate aftermath opposing the allegations and is ready to fight tooth and nail to prove its innocence.

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Chief sports reporter for The Times, Ziegler, claimed that the investigation could take up to four years to complete.

The time estimation comes from Nick De Marco KC who defended Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County from financial fair play charges.

“Having worked on the Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday financial fair play cases, both of which involved two charges over about two years and took about a year and a half from charges to the end, I would not be surprised if these proceedings took considerably longer given there are apparently 115 charges covering a period of 14 years.” De Marco told The Times.

The story is sensational at the moment but won’t be resolved anytime soon, the Manchester club have invested a huge amount of money into a legal team to fight the accusations and drag it out as long as possible.

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    1. I don’t know who did the actually research but 2009 to 2018 is 9 years not 14 maybe they added v.a.t.

  1. People like you make me laugh 1 team does wrong then all the teams are doing the same I don’t think so darling .are you a city fan because you sound like 1 to me

    1. According to the clown that’s in charge of the Spanish fa there will be other clubs that are going to up on charges

  2. I’ll eat my hat if points are deducted or they’re expelled. It’ll be a fine when it (eventually) concludes. Throwing money at it is a joke for a club with such unlimited funds…

  3. It’s all well and good trying and convicting city before the facts and evidence is put forward but I’m sure plenty of other clubs will be looking over their shoulders witch hunt springs to mind it’s absolutely fine for Chelsea to spend 300+ million in a transfer window do you think they have generated that sort of income I don’t think so

  4. Swindon Town had a quarter of the chargers back in the 90s and were demoted. So for me the same should be done to City if found guilty

  5. If found guilty of all charges they should face minimum being relegated at least one division and banned from buying players for at least 2 years and should have any titles stripped that they have gained over the time frame the allegations straddle. It’s disgusting they’ve been getting away with what they’ve done , when other clubs that didn’t do a tenth of what they e done , have fallen by the wayside and been dissolved and finished in football.

  6. The FA should do proper investigation and if city found guilty let them be punished as the Italian FA did to Juventus some years back so let the England FA show to the world that they are not corrupt because the 115 charge’s can not be over turn thank you

  7. And the all powerful FA will be the first to plead poverty when finish driving the big uk clubs in joining a Europe super league and loosing their payments.

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