🚨 UFC legend believes Nate Diaz is a ‘safe pick’ for Jake Paul

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Michael Bisping has shared his thoughts on the Jake Paul versus Nate Diaz bout.

Diaz and Paul collide on August the 5th but the former UFC champion ‘hopes he eats his words’ after talking about the upcoming fight.

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Bisping on a recent edition of his Believe You Me podcast said,

“Jake’s the bigger and more explosive guy, and that’s why he’s picked this fight, You know what I mean? And I hope I eat my words, of course I do. I just, it’s a very smart matchup, a very smart pick. Now it’s ten rounds and if Jake Paul does his work, and I thought he looked really average against Tommy Fury. We’ve talked about this.”

“There’s a reason he’s fighting Nate Diaz and not Tommy Fury again. He got exposed in that, Tommy Fury’s a big dude, he’s not one of the best boxers in the world either. But, he is a boxer, and Nate Diaz is tough. He’s a tough guy.”

Is Diaz a safe pick? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Nate is going to kick his ass. He is a tough dude. He could be getting the shit kicked out of him come back and win

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