🚨 Nate Diaz responds to accusations his fight with Jake Paul is fixed

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Nate Diaz has responded to claims that his upcoming fight with Jake Paul is fixed.

The UFC legend makes his professional boxing debut against Paul on August 5th but many people believe that the fix is already in place.

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The Stockton native is clearly annoyed by these suggestions as he told Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast:

“They’re like, ‘Tell me you’re not going to take a fall against Paul’. Everybody says that to me. I’m like are you kidding me? You couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to fall on anybody ever, like what the f*** is that?”

How do you see the Diaz vs. Paul fight playing out? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I think nates a og and wouldn’t take a fall for any amount of money he’s not Gonna let that you tuber run him like that.. the Diaz Brothers are not fake they keep it real and wouldn’t ruin there name for a fall he’s gonna Stockton slap the Paul kid till he hangs those gloves up he better hope he can hang cause nate gone wear him out in every aspect.

    1. I am a fan of Nate but if you really think he would not take a dive for 1 billion dollars you are a fool. Most anyone in the world would. Check yourself before you comment next time.

      1. No one is offering him 1 billion dollars you fucking remedial basket case.. furthermore you yourself just said “most people” would.. meaning some wouldn’t.. Nate is one of them. You Jake Paul Dick riding loser.

  2. Diaz gonna make tht cracker Jack🤕cry all the way back TO🤣SML PUPPETS🤣 LMFAO

  3. yeah and it is is a MMA fighter but he spent a lot of hours in the boxing ring when he was coming up yes he’s not very technical and may not look like a technical boxer but he’s got lots of hours sparring and I think people’s going to be surprised when they fight Nate Diaz can be more than just one dimensional he’s got a lot of boxing hours in the rain and I think he’s going to come out and surprise a lot of people Jake Paul you better have your gloves on and you’re not peace in cuz you going to get it you going to have all you want

  4. Brilliant fucking article. Your journalism degree is really paying off. Why in the fuck is this crap accepted by advertisers and society in general. The author should be ashamed by his effort. Fuck you man.

  5. Nate is going knock the wannabe out in the first 10 seconds, Nate is “the dream destroyer”

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