🚨 Margot Robbie has pledged allegiance to surprising Premier League team

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Australian actress Margot Robbie once revealed the Premier League team she has ‘pledged allegiance’ to.

The Barbie actress has ties with Fulham mainly due to her husband Tom Ackerley.

In 2017 Margot spoke to the BBC and said,

“I actually haven’t been to another Fulham game for a while, but I know they’re playing tomorrow against Aston Villa,” at the time both clubs were in the Championship.

“And it’s my two best friends – well, it’s my husband and my other best friend Josie. Aston Villa’s Josie’s team, Fulham’s Tom’s team, so they’re going to the game and it’s tense already. I’m on the edge of my seat to see who wins.”

When pressed which team she would support, she continues: “I mean, I’ve pledged my allegiance to Fulham, so I want Fulham to win.”


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