🚨 Logan Paul SLAMMED online for what he said to Dillon Danis in face to face

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Logan Paul has been heavily criticised on social media after bringing up the death on Dillon Danis’ father in their face-to-face.

The pair have traded many insults online and Danis has over stepped the mark bringing in Logan Paul’s fiancée in to the cross fire.

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His daily trolling of the model has led to her filling lawsuits and even taking out an injunction against the MMA fighter.

So it appears all is fair game now as Paul hit-back.

You can watch the video below:


Fight fans responded to the clip:

One said, ‘Insulting someone’s girl isn’t the same as talking about a DEAD person.’

Another added, ‘He’s a complete piece of shit, I’m glad Jake Paul is nothing like this scumbag brother.’

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A third commented, ‘I hope Danis chokes him out tbh. Going after Logans chick was heavy but talking about a man’s dead father is another level Imo. The ref should take out insurance for this one. No way they play by the rules.’

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