🚨 Leeds fans labelled as ’embarrassing’ after yesterday’s relegation

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Leeds’ thumping by Tottenham sealed their relegation yesterday and fans kicked off in the stands.

Footage of Leeds fans ‘going at’ the police following their relegation to the EFL championship has gone viral.

You can watch the video below:

Twitter users commented on the video:

One said, ‘State of them, small club back where you belong.’

Another added, ‘Silly because a lot will end up with bans. Trying to scrap the Police is probably not the best idea. Maybe their bans might end in time for them to return to the Premier League.’

A third commented, ‘This is more embarrassing than what happened on pitch.’


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  1. It’s funny how it doesn’t say that the police pepper sprayed the 1st couple of rows after the pitch invader and how they kept pushing into the crowd with batons…
    If you think I’m making it up contact the Yorkshire police and they are investigating there own officers for the incidents…

  2. I was in that part ground I left with 4 mins go I could sense trouble more embarrassing than players on pitch

  3. That pay for there tickets week in week out there allowed to voice there dissatisfaction at the team who earn more in a month than they do in a lifetime

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