🚨 Graeme Souness was SACKED by Sky Sports after gaffe it’s been claimed

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Richard Keys has claimed that Graeme Souness was sacked by Sky Sports due to a ‘clumsy comment’ the Scot made.

Souness had been with Sky Sports for 15 years but announced he would be leaving the company during Liverpool’s win over Spurs last month.

Keys who was sacked by Sky himself in 2011 has claimed a source has told him the parting was not ‘mutual’.

He wrote in his blog:

“It turns out it was decided to dispense with Graeme’s services the moment he referred to football being a ‘man’s game’. Remember? He used that phrase after Chelsea ’s 2-2 draw v Spurs in August.

“His comments caused a bit of a stir. He was clumsy in his phraseology. He didn’t mean harm, but you can’t say that anymore. Football is simply a game – enjoyed by everyone. And we should celebrate that.’

“I think most people felt that Graeme had been clumsy and he’s a much loved character, so they were happy to give him the benefit of the doubt – but senior management at Sky certainly weren’t. They decided that was it. He’d be out at the first opportunity.”



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  1. If that’s lost Souness his job, then some of the things that Martin Tyler has said, he should of lost his job a long time ago. Double standards by Sky if that’s the reason! Pathetic and some!

    1. If you want sack someone sack that low life spitting freak Carragher. Filthy animal!!!

  2. Is this for real saying it’s a man’s game man o man. Really! oooops I can’t say that eh? This mob need to get a grip disgraceful !!!!😡😡😡

  3. If you are watching men playing football surely it’s a man’s game same as watching dogs having a go the would be a dog fight. Stupid Sky.

  4. He was watching a game played between two sets of MEN so so his statement was accurate.this pathetic PC woke mindset is is pathetic.

  5. Our world is getting stupid and some people in it if this is true .I for is fed up with all this crap. it’s not man of the match now or a batsman but batter it soon won’t be a fisherman that’s if this country has any

  6. Woke
    A man can’t ref a woman’s game nor run the line or commentate ?
    I’m all for everyone’s rights
    Mind you I’m glad because sourness was bias
    No loss in my opinion of which I’m entitled to

    1. Notice now u can’t say man of the match anymore even when it’s 22 men on the pitch giving in 2 the snowflakes it’s doing my head in they got their own game why don’t they stick it keep out of mens game

  7. Yet another own goal from Murdoch’s mafia. What Souey says is a figure of speech and this decision is another nail in the coffin for free speech and liberty. The S in Sky should now be Snowflake. Great pundit, character and top drawer player, this is a loss to football wherever we watch and play it.

  8. got to be sick of all this going on . Now you cant have a Man of the Match either and just to make the point the hapless SKY is flooding sport with no nothing woMEN as comMENtators F1 Football etc . Its a joke Cricket is about BatsMEN if they are MEN and batswoMEN if they are not . Gonna give up SKY soon costs me a total fortune to be able to watch this KR.P

  9. can’t even say Man of the match anymore it’s got to be player of the match, sky is so woke who’s running sky sports currently,Sam smiths mum?


  11. I don’t think for one mo.ent that is the reason the man left. I think there is a.little bit of sour grapes by the Coventry man .I’m spurs all my life and he said somethings about them which were spot on , not like other people.who discuss football as pundits .now in the gaa the hurling and football is a man’s game and it’s a physical amateur sport .

  12. What a load of 💩 for sacking someone for that!!!…SKY get a grip. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🙈🙈

  13. This is madness. We all know what Sourness meant and was not in the slightest being offensive. However on another Television channel we have a programme “Loose women” which is by far more offensive as the dictionary defines Loose women as” A sexually promiscuous woman”

  14. This was just a disaster waiting to happen feel sorry for the sweaty oh I can’t say that.
    Worlds gone mad

  15. Actually,if only it was a man’s game. Feeling the touch and going down in agony,suggests not. Also these women that play are just as tough. He could have said football is a tough game and you have to impose yourself. What’s worse is the likes of Ferdinand and others last night in the Milan derby,saying it’s a penalty because he was touched. In summary maybe Sky sacked him because they don’t want a tough (man or woman) game.

  16. Society has gone mad ,
    Is there such a thing as freedom of speech ! or even an opinion that some may disagree with,
    Sky should be ashamed of their actions to relieve Souness of his contact

  17. Souness is certainly prone to stupid comments which come back an bite his backside!
    The one which most people will remember best was in 2092/2003, after the Blackburn Rovers versus Celtic UEFA Cup first leg at Celtic Park when the game ended 1-1. Brainless Souness shouted from the rooftops how the game had been “men against boys” his team of course being the “men”!
    So in the second leg in Blackburn Celtic literally toyed with Blackburn and beat them with complete and utter ease.
    Here he goes again though with his big mouth, controlled by a very bigotted and empty head!

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