🚨 Fan who went viral for flashing crowd during game signs lucrative deal

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The second most viral woman on the planet has teamed up with an iconic partner.

Only really behind β€˜hawk tuah’ girl in internet fame at the moment is Kait, a Dallas Stars fan, who went viral for lifting up her Oilers jersey and flashing her breasts to the crowd.

β€œI got drunk and whipped my t–s out at an Oilers game, and they went viral? Fβ€” you if you don’t like it. Woo! Go Oilers!” she told Barstool Sports earlier this week.

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That moment caught the eyes of many most notably Playboy who she has now teamed up with.

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β€œMeet Kait, the Oilers good luck charm,” they wrote in a post on social media, featuring their new model. β€œThe [Oilers] might not have the Stanley Cup just yet, but with [Kait] cheering them on, they’re unstoppable.”

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