🚨 Eddie Hearn slams ‘awful’ Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz fight

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Eddie Hearn hasn’t held back on his Jake Paul assessment.

The YouTuber defeated Nate Diaz on points but Hearn wasn’t impressed.

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Speaking to the MMA Hour the Matchroom promoter said,

“It was awful. Don’t get me wrong, the event was unbelievable. You did a great job. Brilliant. But when you’re talking about — you know MMA like the back of your hand. I know boxing like the back of my hand, and I’m watching that like [face in his hands], ‘This is so bad.’ The reason that Nate didn’t get stopped is that Jake didn’t have the ability. He doesn’t know how to break a fighter down, cut off the ring, beat him up, and stop him. But I give my props to Nate: super tough. Super tough. But you’re talking about low, low level in terms of standard.”

“We have something in the U.K. called an area title, which is in a specific radius — it’s kind of like a state title.”

“These guys wouldn’t win a state title – that’s the level they’re fighting at.

“But listen, props to Nate. He definitely didn’t have ability, but what he did have was grit. But Jake just doesn’t have the ability or the experience to break someone down and stop them. And I was convinced he would.”


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