🚨 Ebanie Bridges explains why she feels sorry for UFC legend Conor McGregor

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Ebanie Bridges has admitted she feels sorry for Conor McGregor after seeing the amount of attention he gets in public.

Bridges was recently with McGregor to promote his Forged Irish Stout at the Anthony Joshua vs Robert Helenius fight event.

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‘The Blonde Bomber’ has revealed that team McGregor reached out to her to promote his product at the fight.

Speaking to Lucky Block she said,

“Conor’s team reached out to me and just asked me if I was going to the AJ fight and then if I was interested in collaborating. He is so caring and he just wants everyone to be okay. He’s really caring and obviously he’s the life of the party, isn’t he?”

“While he’s doing all that, he’s definitely thinking of others around him and just making sure everyone’s okay, so that was probably something people don’t see. He’s nice, fun, supportive and really, really positive. I do feel sorry for him in a sense, especially in public. There’s so much pressure and he could probably never just be Conor McGregor.

The Notorious has been supportive of the boxing champ, something she is very grateful for, she continued:

“Conor has not given me any specific business advice, but he just supports me. He always encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing. He says things like ‘You’re taking over’ and has said that kind of stuff to me for over a year. He always supports whatever I’m doing, so f*** the haters.”

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