🚨 Conor McGregor takes aim at Michael Chandler it’s getting spicy

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Conor McGregor has taken to X to fire shots at Michael Chandler.

The Irishman is set to face Chandler in the Octagon in the not too distant future and recently claimed he is in training for the bout.

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UFC chief, Dana White confirmed the match-up is next for ‘The Notorious’ so we expect the trash talking to go up a level.

The former UFC double-champ champ posted on X:

‘I’m not messing one bit, the bones at the top of my shoulders, break faces and noses and teeth easily. I’d fancy them to break a jaw handy. Isn’t that just crazy. It’s like they are made of a steel of some kind. #ShouldersMcGregor’

He then continued by labelling Chandler a ‘little bosu ball motivational speakin handbag.’

‘I’ve industrial steel in my leg now, and I’ve long natural steel in the shoulders and elbows and knuckles of the fist. I’m over 3/4 steel. And steel crushes iron. Crushes the little bones in irons face. Out with the iron you little bosu ball motivational speakin handbag 😂😂.’

Hopefully a fight announcement is made soon so we can really start to believe that the fight is on. You just never know with Conor.

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