🚨 Conor McGregor ridiculed for latest bizarre post, he’s getting torn to shreds

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Conor McGregor’s latest social media post has left left fans poking fun at the Irishman.

The former UFC double-champ champ took to Twitter posting a Tweet captioned:

‘100% accuracy rate. How many of you have fights with this rating for yourself? 100% striking accuracy. 

I have multiple on my record.’

McGregor has been involved in many controversies down the years most recently injuring a mascot and having sexual assualt claims made against him.

Also the fact he hasn’t entered the USADA testing pool means his prospective fight against Michael Chandler in December may have to wait until next year.

So fans didn’t hold back on his latest Tweet.

One said, ‘Papa go to sleep, you’re drunk!’

Another added, ‘You seem to have a 100% accuracy of getting off rape and assault charges…you are embarrassing Ireland with your tacky behaviour.’

A third commented, ‘Against old men in pubs and mascots.’

A fourth commented, ‘Doesnt count when its against an old man in a Dublin boozer.’

A fifth Tweeted, ‘O% USADA testing pool rate.’

Will we ever see ‘The Notorious’ in the Octagon again? Let us know in the comments.

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  2. McGregor’s results speak volumes for what lies beneath, he tapped out at featherweight, tapped out in lightweight, and tapped out in welterweight, but he never defended the title in UFC or Cafe Warriors he gave up more than GSP Spider and Bones altogether It goes without saying that Mcgregor is narcissistic. He is also a narcissist who is ignorant, but it is not Mcgregor’s pompous and grandiloquent mode of speaking that turns the air blue with profanity. Full of self-delusion, I am sure Macgregor is entitled to be stupid, but there are some and he is one who abuses the privilege. making Violence the last refuge of his incompetence. Preferring to be immersed in hypocrisy, and attention-seeking narcissistic drug habits. They are spoiled narcissists and usually have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about because being sped they’re way-way under-educated. They drive cars that cost enough to feed a small country. They provide nothing practical to society and pack-rat with gangs of low-level sped munchkins all the while claiming to be enlightened humanitarians and trying to intimidate opponents very much better than they are. Advertising the giving away of a few thousand to charity which they could just as well wipe their ass with.
    The tards flapping about on MTV, admired by tards or anyone else with their mobile phone up their ass. Mcgregor at best is stuck in his sped past Nobody should be obsessed over celebrities like Mcgregor, the objectified least useful type of primate there is, they make money 10x the amount of money in a day any average person can make in his life and contribute nothing to humanity other than giving people the entertainment that costs more than the minimum wage for one hour. There are some celebrities that are actually good like people who save someone or develop theories, medicine, and technology to help the rest of humanity People like Mcgregor however are better off working in the least useful part of a steel mill for life where his language is acceptable or MacDonalds where his skills would be appreciated

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