🚨 Chelsea has just produced the world’s CRINGIEST announcement video

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Chelsea announced the signing of midfielder, Enzo Fernandez, with an incredibly cringy Tik Tok video.

The Argentine midfielder broke the British transfer record with his recent January move to Chelsea. Benfica only signed the player last summer and has already made a more than decent profit.

According to reports, Fernandez caught the eye of owner Todd Boehly during the World Cup and the American declared that he was going to sign the 21-year-old immediately after the final.

His signing takes Chelsea’s January spending over a whopping £300 million in a window where they signed a total of eight players.

They decided to announce the signing on Tik Tok in a video that is extremely hard to watch.

It’s hard to believe that a club that has spent nearly a billion pounds in only a few months would sign off on a video like that.

Has there ever been a worse announcement video?

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