๐Ÿšจ Carl Froch predicts who would have won between Tyson Fury and Lennox Lewis

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Lennox Lewis is undoubtedly one of the greatest heavyweights of all-time and fantasy match-ups between the past and present often pop on boxing pages and forums.

And Carl Froch was asked by a fan who would win between Lewis and Fury.

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Speaking on his YouTube channel, Froch On Fighting, he said:

โ€œLennox Lewis. And the reason I was hesitant is because Furyโ€™s obviously big enough, and skilful enough, and light enough on his feet with fast enough combinations to give anybody a hard fight.

But I think Lennox Lewis โ€“ especially the prime Lewis that smashed Andrew Galota down to the floor, rematched Hasim Rahman after getting chinned and was in there with the best of the best.โ€

โ€œMaybe he got a couple of opponents just past their best, Mike Tyson just on the slide. But Lewis has got a far better resume. Heโ€™s an all-time great, if not the great from Britain. Unified heavyweight champion.

And like I said last week, Tyson Fury, you look at his resume, okay heโ€™s a brilliant fighter and potentially one of the best especially if he beats Usyk and gets a fight with Anthony Joshua. But at the minute, looking at the record, Lewis beats Tyson Fury.โ€

Froch went on to explain exactly what he believes happens in a fantasy fight between the two heavyweights, he continued:

โ€œIf he doesnโ€™t knock him out, he dominates him with combination punches. Too strong. Too big. Puts him on his back foot and hurts him and gets him beat up for a points decision. I think Tyson Fury would be in survival mode, boxing on his back foot trying to out-hustle him. Lewis would close the range using his size and strength and belt him with that big right hand.โ€

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