🚨 Anthony Joshua told to ‘grow up’ after talkSPORT claim

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Anthony Joshua claimed that he gets a much tougher time from members of talkSPORT and Simon Jordan has fired-back at the former heavyweight champion.

Joshua is clearly unhappy with talkSPORT and believes there is an agenda against him from them even saying that Tyson Fury is their ‘favourite.’

Well talkSPORT presenter, Simon Jordan hasn’t held back in his response.

He said,

“He’s not been held to any different standards than other people have and certainly not by me, if his accusations are about me or Jim [White] or Gareth A Davies or anyone else he’s taking a swipe at.

“Bottom line is all people have done is look at his body of work and made observations about it and they’ve looked at Fury’s body of work and made observations about it…

“When Tyson Fury puts in an inauspicious performance against Otto Wallin, he gets criticised. When he has a pup of a fight against Derek Chisora, he gets criticised. Now that we’re potentially talking about the Ngannou fight, he gets told by people like me: ‘Jesus Christ, why would the WBC champion of the world be fighting that particular fight.

‘It’s just a case of victimhood and redirection from some constructive observations and they don’t like it. You’ve got an express train of huge economic benefits. With that comes people observing you – grow up, be a man.

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This all comes following Joshua’s dig at the radio station yesterday when he said,

“Let me ask you a question, when everyone’s favourite at talkSPORT [Fury] fought Otto Wallin over 12 rounds and bust his eye open, no one complained.

“Anthony Joshua goes 12 rounds with Jermaine Franklin and it’s like, ‘arrgghhhh, what’s happened to the heavyweight division?’ Why is that? What is the problem with me going 12 rounds?

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