🚨 Anthony Joshua slams fans that booed his performance against Robert Helenius

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Anthony Joshua slammed fans who booed him during his victory over Robert Helenius.

Joshua eventually won in the seventh round when a big right hand ended Robert Helenius’ night.

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But earlier on in the bout the crowd at the 02 made feelings known when they booed the action.

The Brit was asked if the crowd’s reaction had impacted his performance.

Joshua replied: “Not necessarily, I think they don’t understand it is competitive boxing.

“We are trying to shut each other’s advances down.

“I was watching certain fights tonight and they didn’t look as exciting as I thought they would.

“But it’s not that they don’t look exciting, it’s a game of chess, when you’re playing it is a thinking man’s sport.

“From the outside chess is a boring game, but everything I try to do they shut down.

“Why am I going to go in there and trade from round one? Break him down.”

Joshua was then quizzed how it felt to be booed by fans.

He replied, “Were they booing me or Helenius? That is the question, who were they booing? “Have any of them ever boxed before?”

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