🚨 Anthony Joshua could fail drugs test after drinking ‘scruffy b****rd’ Conor McGregor’s pint

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Carl Froch was not impressed with Conor McGregor’s antics after the Anthony Joshua fight.

McGregor was sponsoring the event and was bizarrely filmed feeding ‘AJ’ some of his Forged Irish Stout.

The ‘Cobra’ has had run-ins with the Irishman in recent times and never holds back when it comes to Anthony Joshua criticism.

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Speaking on his YouTube channel, Froch On Fighting, he said,

“His nose was p***ing with blood, his mouth was all bleeding, as we saw when he jumped out of the ring and had a slurp on that nasty Irish stout that Conor McGregor shoved in his face.

“And all blood and snot and sweat went inside that pint.

“How unprofessional’s that? AJ jumps out the ring, bit disrespectful as well – Helenius is receiving medical attention and he jumps out the ring.

“Okay, fair play – go and see your dad, go and see your family.

“You’ve just won a fight, you were a bit nervous and there’s a lot of pressure on you – okay, fine.

“But don’t go over to Conor McGregor who’s trying to steal the show, making what’s probably a really expensive suit look really cheap because he just looks like a scruffy b****rd.

“Standing around at ringside, shouting and talking b***cks, trying to be centre of attention, shoves that nasty Irish stout in AJ’s face.

“He shouldn’t have drunk that stout because that stout could’ve been contaminated, you’ve gotta do a post-fight drugs test.

“Very unprofessional from Anthony Joshua.”

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