😬 Tommy Fury’s Soccer Aid ‘disasterclass’ goes viral

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Tommy Fury has been torn to shreds on social media after his display at Soccer Aid on Sunday night. 

The boxer lined up for Mauricio Pochettino’s World XI at Old Trafford but fans were left unimpressed with his performance.

And now his ‘highlights’ have dropped.

You can watch the video below:

His rival even took aim at him.

Fans took to social media to hit-out at Fury.

One said, ‘Genuine LOL moments when I was watching. Glad he’s a boxer though.’

Another added, ‘Don’t know which one he is worse at, boxing or football.’

A third commented, ‘Tommy should’ve just done hand stands, his legs are useless.’

A fourth replied, ‘He is, to boxing, what he is, to football. Embarrassing.’

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