😬 Tommy Fury names ‘dream opponent’, he’s been slammed online

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Tommy Fury has named Floyd Mayweather as his dream opponent.

The size difference between the pair is substantial to say the least although Mayweather did take on a larger Logan Paul in 2021.

Eddie Hall asked Fury for his dream opponent and he replied,

‘I’d say my dream opponent, I’d like to get in there with Mayweather you know.’

You can watch the video below:

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Fans responded to Fury’s choice of dream opponent.

One said, ‘Dude you weigh 200 lbs bro.’

Another added, ‘Any future world champ won’t fight someone 30 kilos lighter.’

A third replied, ‘Tommy Fury wanted to be a world champion but is thinking about exhibitions this dude is a disgrace for the Fury family money talks over the champion proposal.’

A fourth Tweeted, ‘Please don’t call that dude a pro boxing anymore he’s YouTube boxing.’

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