😬 KSI makes very bold Floyd Mayweather fight prediction

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KSI has boldly predicted he would knock out Floyd Mayweather if they ever meet in the ring.

Mayweather fought 50 professional bouts and didn’t lose one as he retired undefeated but the YouTuber come boxer thinks he would KO the boxing great.

“Honestly I think I’d knock him out,” said KSI when speaking about Mayweather with The Sidemen. 

“I honestly think I have a great chance at beating him. Mayweather, he’s a good fighter, I just think I’ll have the timing on him. Obviously in his prime I would have no chance.” 

Fight fans responded to the prediction.

One said, ‘Bro thinks because he has power he will able to KO one of the greatest oat. Mayweather wouldn’t even get hit once by KSI lmao and he would expose all the holes in KSI’s game easily.’

Another added, ‘I love this man but f***ing hell he needs a good humbling.’

A third commented, ‘This is high grade delusion.’

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