😬 Influencer boxer’s prank on rival backfires massively

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Astrid Wett filmed herself vandalising Alexia Grace’s car but everyone spotted her mistake.

Recently Grace threw water over Wett sparking a brawl between the pair and her Misfits Boxing belt was later stolen.

The Onlyfans star tracked down Grace’s car and spray painted it. But she made a huge error.

You can watch the video below:

Fans were obviously quick to point out the error on social media:

One said, ‘She couldn’t even spell it right, she cannot box either. Embarrassing.’

Another added, ‘No way she spelt thief wrong, why is this woman so unlikeable.’

A third commented, ‘She spelt thief wrong tho.’

A fourth replied, ‘Went through all of that effort just to spell thief wrong. Stay in school kids.’

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