😬 Fan asks Paddy Pimblett awful question, gets completely owned

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A video has gone viral after Paddy Pimblett was asked a very personal question.

Ahead of tonight’s UFC London event one fan decided to ask Pimblett about his relationship with Molly McCann.

You can watch the video below:

Fans responded to the bizarre question.

One said, β€˜I dont understand these people who get 1 shot at this and come back with the silliest question.’

Another added, β€˜It did not go down well with the crowd either.’

A third replied, β€˜Ha, love how timid he got at the end. If you’re gonna ask weird questions, at least own it.

Although I will say, this is how I’ve found out Molly is a lesbian, so at least he got some info out of him lol.’


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